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is a person with passion and interest in helping people to create fulfilled life and prosperous business.

Your actions are so loud that I cannot hear what you say.



When I started working as the manager I quickly realised that the knowledge about the business is not enough to crate a team that wants to work and take challenges together. I needed to learn how to motivate people, how to speak to them and get the best out of them for the company and for themselves. My learning journey was full of bumps and curves but fortunately very soon I started studying coaching. As soon I started putting new knowledge into practice I could clearly see what were my strengths and what skills I needed in order to be able to create teams that work and celebrate together. This kind of skills do not go unnoticed what helped me to progress and enjoy my work even more.

Now I help young managers to find their leadership style, learn what are their strengths and skills to gain. I support leaders in creating teams full of support and hunger for success. They not only get better results but also enjoy their important roles.

I created programs open for everyone that help you to create balance that will lead to happiness, great relationships and successful career. I have Masters in Psychology and Train The Trainer Certificate that helped me to create coaching programs both effective and easy to follow and apply in real life.

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katarzyna muniak visionI strongly believe that every person has enough resources to gain success. I am also absolutely sure that every one can create happiness and abundance in his world. Life presents us opportunities every day and all we have to do is be prepared to take them and do our best.

We often think that the act is significant if it means something to the Whole World or at least it’s largest part. Think: what is the world for you? Where does it start? Where is it’s end? What space do you use every day? Where do you need your happiness to happen? Where will you be able to experience happiness? That is your Whole World.

I would like to see the world full of people that create their life with purpose and contentment. People who take risks, do not fear challenges and persistently follow their biggest dreams and at the same time find happiness in the smallest acts of kindness every day.


Katarzyna Muniak MissionSince the very beginning of our life’s we learn how to walk, how to keep balance. Adults make sure we know maths and use language correctly. They spend a lot of time teaching us many important information about the world and other people. Then we choose the job we learn how to be great workers.

At the same time we get very little knowledge on how our mind operates. How to make sure we are using its best potential. How to train it so it supports us rather that sabotage our plans and actions.

Through coaching and training I want to show people how to use their minds to create life that they desire. Our mind can be our best friend in creating everyday wellbeing, happiness and wonderful relationships.

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