24 weeks Online Coaching Program
That Will Unlock Your Inner Power and Make You

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Who is this program for?

  • Person looking for informed change
  • Person with desire for better life and career
  • Person who wants to feel more energy every day
  • Person who wants to improve relationships with others
  • Person that wants to unlock their inner potential
  • Person who is looking for new beginning
  • Person who wants to feel great with themselves

What are changes that my clients experience?

  • Improved relationships with partner and family
  • Opened their own business
  • Started career they always wanted
  • Don’t ask for permission to be happy any more
  • Feel empowered
  • Feel happy about themselves
  • Stopped or significantly decreased panic attacks
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved communication skills

WAKE UP AND LIVE will help you

  • manage your motivation
  • build supporting habits
  •  crate plans possible to achieve
  • build self confidence
  • become effective
  • create supporting belief system
  • accomplish a long awaited goal

The secret of success…

is not a rocket science. Persistence and consistence sounds great in motivational self development books but is not a piece of cake in a real life. You need to take at least one step ahead every day in order to celebrate the result in some time. it does not matter if your goal is to build successful business, fulfilled life or great relationships, your efforts need to take place every day.

If your reality is closer to huge revolutions that die quickly and do not bring any change but guilt and decreased self esteem this coaching program is a solution for you.

First of all regular meetings with the group if people that share similar goals and challenges create a brilliant accountability partner. At the same time you are learning set of skills that allow you to approach your goals step by step.

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Why does WAKE UP AND LIVE online coaching program work?

  • Regular meetings help you create supporting habits
  • You receive support and inspiration from the group
  • You have the access to the experienced coach
  • You gain regular support and feedback form your coach
  • You learn the knowledge that supports your actions
  • The number of meetings guarantees you the support on every stage of your change


Thank you for the coaching over the last few weeks. The process of growth and change is really interesting. The changes I have made as a result of the coaching have brought positive energy into my business. Our coaching sessions allow me to generate new solutions and strategies. I can plan my work and be more successfull

Strong will…

Good news is that nobody is born with strong will! Fortunately it is a skill that you also can learn the only thing is to know where to start.

During Awaken Your Inner Power coaching program you will be continuously developing your own strong will. Everyone, that means you too, have a potential to be consistent. At the meetings you will receive knowledge and exercises that will allow you to practice and strengthen your strong will.


We usually look for our holy Graal – motivation – everywhere but in ourselves. But the truth is that our thinking patterns and our beliefs are either the source of power or demotivation.

The feeling of motivation is strongly attached to decisions we take every day, our energy and mood.

That coaching program is will allow you to awaken your inner power that will lead you to success. Group work allows you not only use other people’s experience but also to become a source of great support.


… does not appear out of the blue! It is a mixture of your self esteem, self image and all beliefs we carry about us and the entire world.

We create those concepts since the beginning of our life but now is the the moment when we can start choosing the ones that support us and discard other that block our actions and potential.

Awaken Your Inner Power coaching program will teach you how to become your own friend and supporter. It will ad strong wings to your persistent actions.

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I had a pleasure to experience coaching sessions with Katarzyna between January and December 2015. I benefited a lot during those few months of meetings. I am looking at the world with a new perspective. I realised that our life is driven by habits, beliefs and emotions. And even though there is nothing wrong with it it is worth to spend some time and look closer at your own emotions and attitude to gain effective impact on your own life.


In order to take part in online coaching program you will need:

  • email address
  • Computer camera
  • Internet connection during the meetings
  • 60 minutes every week – for the meeting + the time for exercises and study

I recently had the good fortune of working with Katarzyna from Blooming Mind for help with my public speaking. I had never attended a session like this before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Katarzyna was warm and friendly from the get go and I felt totally at ease.  What I found particularly useful about the session was how we were able to pinpoint the exact things that were inhibiting me and construct a simple but effective plan to tackle them. Instead of doing all the talking, Katarzyna listened to what I was saying and guided me through the process so what I came out with at the end were workable solutions that I was comfortable using and knew I would implement. I found the worksheets to be particularly helpful in getting to the route of my confidence issues. I suppose dealing with your own vulnerabilities can be a little embarrassing but not with Katarzyna. She was warm, open and trustworthy at all times.


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Join online coaching program that will help you:

  • manage your motivation
  • build supporting habits
  • crate plans possible to achieve
  • build self confidence
  • become effective
  • create supporting belief system
  • accomplish a long awaited goal

Is that program for you?

  • If you are looking for motivation to achieve a long awaited goal
  • If you want to effectively implement changes in your life
  • If you want build healthy and happy relationships
  • If you want to learn how to be persistent and effective

And your goal is:

  • to change job
  • run your business efficiently
  • achieve your life purpose
  • find time for yourself in the busy schedule
  • start your own business
  • find work life balance
  • create great relationship
  • or some other amazing thing
  • find a partner

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