fool your fear

Our fears are usually connected to particular beliefs. But when the action is needed we do not aways have a time to analyse the source and nature of our behaviour. How to fool your fear and stop it as quickly as possible and go ahead with action?

When waiting for your interview or standing on the stage you need an easy solution to pull yourself together. Try that:

  1. Scan your body.

    Your posture is not only the signal for others but also for your brain.  The way you stand, fold your arms, keep your head is being sensed by your brain and it triggers production of particular hormones that might either encourage you to act or to run away.

    Make sure your back is straight, feet firmly on the ground, head up and arms open. It will give your brain signal that situation is safe and you are ready for action and open to cooperate.

    And don’t forget to breath!

  2. Scan your thoughts.

    If you fear something your imagination is probably not playing with you nicely. Check what is present in your mind right now and quickly get rid of negative images and thoughts.

    First: distract. Start focusing on the environment and find out and name as many details as possible. Check the colour of your clothes, check what is the colour of other people clothes, are there any plants around you? Count them. Are there any sounds that you did not pay attention to? How loud are they on a scale of 1 to 10? What are other people doing? What is the temperature in the room? Count white items around you. You do not have to say it out loud, adjust to the situation. When you start paying attention to details and counting them your brain switches focus and starts using more logic rather than emotional part.

    Then: fill your thoughts with positive image. When you become good at distracting your mind see yourself performing well. See yourself confident and competent at the interview, people listening carefully to your confident speech and nodding with understanding. Imagine your great performance rather than the outcome. That way your brain will gain detailed instructions on how you should behave right now.

  3. Boost your energy.

    Jump! I am serious. Do a few squads, say a joke or complement someone. Say out loud „I am great! I am going to be brilliant today!” Exercise will boost your body and smile or laugh will release endorphins in your brain. All those are producing the energy that you need to take a challenge.

    Remeber:  BODY – THOUGHTS – ENERGY  Your successful triangle of turning challenge into great performance!

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