how to stay positive

You do not have to stay positive for others sake. Certainly being positive will help you maintain good relationships with people around you but unless improving your relationships is the area you want to work on you may feel that being happy for others is more like putting up a fake smily mask.

Why bother?

There is a tone of reasons you may want to consider for being happier inside and not only on the outside. Research proves that happy people:

  1. have better jobs
  2. create better and longer lasting relationships
  3. earn more money
  4. are healthier
  5. meet more opportunities

I personally like reason number 4 and 3. But that probably follows my own system of values and according to your own values you may find something else more appealing.

All of it sounds almost like magic, does’t it? Let me explain.

Our brain is probably the best tool ever we are going to get in our life. And what is best? Nobody will ever take it away from you! Unfortunately we did not get manual from anyone and every one of us needs to learn how to use it. And your brain is one of the most important things in your happiness.

You decide what you focus on and what REALITY you create. That is another silly thing to say. How can you create a reality, reality just is. Not true! Reality is what you interpret from the facts you observe. As Anthony Robins said in his book “Awaken the giant within” two people can grow in the same negative circumstances and one of them becomes reach and fulfilled and the other becomes an alcoholic. When you ask each of them for the reason they both say: ‘I could not turn out different after being raised by my father’.┬áTherefore the interpretation of the facts is something that dictated those two men become who they are now.

How to make sure your brain becomes you friend and not your enemy?

Here are three simple steps that will help you to create and maintain the inside feeling of happiness gradually as you use them. Remember, nothing happens over night. Those three steps are more the daily ritual than one time solution. But when you follow, I promise, it will create more happy feelings inside.

Start with gratitude.

Watch your inner dialog

Create an ideal life vision.

Wait for more details in the next blog post.




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