love what you do

Do you want to be blessed and love what you do?
Here are some questions that I get through social media.

“I am a janitor. How am I supposed to love what I do?”

There are many jobs in the world that we do not consider “respected” or “high level” but they are extremely important! If nobody did them our life would be much moreblessed-katarzyna-muniak-coaching difficult. You do not need to be “changing the world” every day to respect your effort and people who are recipients of your work. I personally know a janitor who loves his job and everyone loves him. The building is well maintained and every problem is being solved immediately. There is a sense of calmness whatever happens and nobody would ever doubt his willingness to help.


“I love painting but I am an accountant. I cannot just drop my job and sit in front of canvas hoping someone is going to pay for the picture.”

Remember you do not need to monetise everything you are passionate about. But it is important to pursue you passion! Make sure you have time for paining, give paintings to people, surround yourself with them, and become The Paining Accountant. Let people know about your passion and if something comes out of it… make sure to grab it!

“How can someone be passionate about selling toothpaste?”

Maybe it is not what makes them passionate about their company. Maybe they love creating sales, interacting with clients, searching for new markets and solutions, creating good marketing, making people happy, creating job opportunities, supporting community they live in. It does not have to be a toothpaste they have to be passionate about  – but could be!

It all usually comes form the value system that we create and follow. I am sure that being sloppy is not among anyones values! Then don’t be. If, for now, you cannot find any passion in what you do, find it in doing your best.


Every week I get loads of coaching questions from you. I will not always be able to answer in private but I will do my best to bundle them together and answer on my sites.
Do not hesitate to send me your question. 🙂


May the POWER be with you!

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