Motivational movies passion and drive

What do I mean by ‘motivational movie’?

By  ’motivational movies’ I mean the ones that have a great story and might be completely usual for everyone else but they turn out to make you do things that you would never thought of doing without watching it.

That is what happened to me when I watched ’Julie and Julia’ by Nora Ephron. Lets be honest I am easily turned on watching people gaining success and I immediately want to do the same. I mean, exactly the same.

I love food but unfortunately I am not too much into cooking. I always admired women and men who spend some time in the kitchen and are able to create delicious miracles that look great and are edible.

My attitude towards cooking did not scare me then. In a heat of the moment I made delicious Italian Bruschetta for breakfast and walnut-chocolate ice cream in the evening. You don’t find it challenging? Well, now you know how far I am not interested in cooking. Surprisingly –  standing over the pot full of mixture that was supposed to ’thicken slightly when put over a slow heat’  I realised that cooking my way through Julia’s Child cook book is not going to happen in my case.

But I want a challenge.That did not stop. I am going to challenge myself for a year and achieve it! My first thought was to wait and start at the beginning of the year but that was not what Julie did. She had an idea and she acted on it. But what is my idea?

What is it that appealed to me in this movie? How did she make it happen? What made me want to do the same? At that time I knew I need to look into the story much closer. I watched the movie again.

I started with Julie’s recipe for success

  1. First of all she had list of tasks ready for the whole year. 524 recipes in 365 days.
  2. Second of all she had all the steps of particular tasks listed in the recipe. She knew exactly what she was supposed to do!
  3. She was making a record of the progress while writing the blog.
  4. She made a commitment in front of other people, her husband and her readers.
  5. She valued honesty – especially to herself. Julie refused to cheat even though nobody would find out.
  6. She did like cooking before she started a challenge. That was something she found very interesting and relaxing.
  7. During that year she was  surrounded by Julia Child’s world. She he was reading her biography, watching her TV shows and even watching a comedian acting one of her cooking lessons . Julia Child was in her life and in her kitchen cooking with her every day.
  8. Julie had a difficult moment in her challenge. But that did not make her stop.
  9. She had a one big goal that she wanted to achieve. To finish something for first time in her life.
  10. Last but not least, her challenge was based on her passion. She was doing something she was already good at. She built a new skill on it.

How can I transfer those points to my project?

  1. & 2 I need a plan. Well, actually The Plan. I need to prepare the list of tasks for the whole year and every task should be supported by its own list of small steps to take. Steps should be clear, and within my ability.
  2. I want to have a way of recording the progress. Is that going to be a blog? I don’t know yet. I know that in the past I really liked using the tables hanging over the desk where I could tick off finished jobs.
  3. Who should I inform about my challenge? Who is going to support me and whose opinion matters to me?
  4. Do I value honesty? I definitely do. What proof do I have for that?
  5. That is important point for me. What do I like doing so much that it would support my goal? What brings me joy, flow and sense of achievement? I need to look closer at that.
  6. Whatever it is going to be I will need to make sure that it surrounds me for a whole year. I can read books, watch movies, talk to other people about it. That will become the air I breath. Imaginary friend like Julia might help.
  7. How can I make sure I will not stop?
  8. That goal has to mean something to me. What do I want to learn? What do I want to change about myself? What was always important for me but was never urgent enough to do it?
  9. What am I good at? What can I build on? What have I already achieved? What do I already have and can use in this fascinating challenge?

Ha! It seems that planning the challenge possible to happen makes a challenge itself! At the same time the feeling at the very end when you get to celebrate with all your important people is so tempting!

My lesson for today:

Do not follow other people’s plans but create your own based on their experience. Find out what worked for them and check if it is possible to repeat and whether it will work for you. Learn from others but do not copy them. Find your own way to your own achievement.

I am going to stay a little bit longer in these women lives and read the books. I am sure there is more to find out.

By the way, if you love food. It is a perfect movie for you.

What is your „motivational movie”? How did you bring it to your life?

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